Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Site Under Construction - More links coming! See Surgeon General's Supportive YouTube, Below

The primary feature of this site will be a wealth of links connecting you to information about Health At Every Size from throughout the web. Please check out the links on this page. Many more will be posted here in the next few days, weeks, and months. Click the "Follow" link (below, on the right) to get all of the updates. Thanks for stopping by, and please visit often - enjoy!

P.S. Surgeon General
There are some wonderful HAES YouTubes you will definitely want to check out, including this one from the current Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, titled "Healthy and Fit":


  1. Hi Alice,
    This site is a great start for your HAES resources. Please feel free to see what you can find that would apply to your site from Although this is a national resource site, there are lots of links among the 4000 I have gathered that would be important for your readers. If you grab my links, just occasionally link back to the whole directory as the source.

    I just launched a new site to feature plus size fitness ... check it out It is a great resource!

    Kelly Bliss

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